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Can You Have Double Vision And Not Know It?

Seems impossible, I know.  But, it happens all the time.  A new patient comes in, gets comfy in the exam chair.  The doctor begins asking questions to get a history.  Then comes the question, “Do you ever have double vision?”  And the answer?  “No.  Never.” And then the testing begins.  The patient is given a […]

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Why Your Dizziness and Vertigo Won’t Leave You Alone

Why Your Dizziness and Vertigo Won’t Leave You Alone Dizzy spells. For some of us, it may happen after a trip on a whirling carnival ride. A sense of unbalance coupled with nausea. We promise ourselves not to try any more carnival rides (at least for the rest of the year). In an hour or […]

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No More Motion Sickness

I have always been sensitive to motion of any kind, especially while attempting to read as a passenger in a moving vehicle. This was problematic during road trips when navigating with a map, or in my profession as an engineer, reading data from instruments inside moving test vehicles. The result was always dizziness and nausea […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

Couldn’t read the board at school, headaches, and nausea.

Before I was helped I felt like I couldn’t do anything because I would be in the middle of math class and the teacher would write something on the board and I would feel so embarrassed because I would have to ask my friend what it said. Some problems I was experiencing were bad headaches, […]