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Can You Have Double Vision And Not Know It?

Seems impossible, I know.  But, it happens all the time.  A new patient comes in, gets comfy in the exam chair.  The doctor begins asking questions to get a history.  Then comes the question, “Do you ever have double vision?”  And the answer?  “No.  Never.” And then the testing begins.  The patient is given a […]

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Why Your Dizziness and Vertigo Won’t Leave You Alone

Why Your Dizziness and Vertigo Won’t Leave You Alone Dizzy spells. For some of us, it may happen after a trip on a whirling carnival ride. A sense of unbalance coupled with nausea. We promise ourselves not to try any more carnival rides (at least for the rest of the year). In an hour or […]

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Dizziness Symptoms Disappear in Several Situations

I had been experiencing dizziness when reading in certain situations, while sitting in traffic with moving vehicles on either side, and on take off and sometimes landing on airplanes. Now that I have received my new glasses I can now read with both eyes at the same time. I did not need Dramamine on the […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

Finally! A Diagnosis After 18 Months

Numerous doctors, numerous tests, beginning in March 2003. Not one single doctor could give me the correct diagnosis. I was told I had Migraine Headaches, Meniere’s Disease, possibly MS or ALS. Doctors said “It is all in your head (my favorite), it is your medications, you have to decide if you want to live with […]